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Aloha - Gift Cards

Aloha Stored Value (Gift Cards) - Key Features

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Aloha Stored Value (Gift Cards)
Key Features
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Aloha Stored Value - Gift Cards | Key Features

Gift cards make great gifts for any occasion. Gift cards make it easy and convenient for your customers and offer a valuable marketing opportunity for your restaurant. Remaining card balances bring customers back and increase average ticket size. Small amounts that are not used become pure profit to your restaurant. At the same time, you can track each gift card, giving you direct access to information you want, such as how the cards were used, the average value spent, when and where the cards were used, and much more.

Drive Card Sales and Redemption

  • Seamless integration to the POS for cards sales and redemption with near real-time authorization
  • Stored value feature allows card holders to easily add value to their existing cards
  • Support for a variety of refund types, including declining balance or cash refund upon redemption
  • Unlimited card types for special promotions
  • Card balance printed on customer receipts
  • Gift card support for multiple POS platforms through the use of eCard Terminal Edition

Increase Efficiency & Control

  • Real-time enterprise-wide reporting capabilities
  • Scheduled reports, delivered to recipients via email in a wide variety of formats
  • Instant deployment, activate stores with gift cards online
  • Supports offline authorization
  • No additional hardware required
  • Seamless synchronization between stores keeps card data current
  • Powerful replication groups control your onsite gift card data and which cards can be used in which stores



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